Saturday, 5 May 2012


How this online boutique was founded was not as romantic as you guys have seen on the movie.Yifa and Izzy had chosen a wrong route in their life before coming to London, and since they arrived they discovered their love in fashion were so much stronger than being a shopper but sadly without any experience, two foreign girls were not able to win a place in this industry. 

Izzy met Yifa in a student gathering, they thought it would be another meaningless networking event and the only thing you can do is stuff yourself with food.  Conversation started of simply about how to make a living and stay in UK as a poor student but the end of the conclusion was that they both see potential here in UK and when they knew each other well enough, they realized them self were not satisfied just work for others.  They hunger for achievements, want to be successful and ultimately have their own real life store. 

Existic derived from the word Exist, we feel like living have our own business and before that we weren’t exist. 

 This picture was taken in Milan. Its was the first time we been travelled together.Its memorable and priceless.

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